This subpage shows the abilities of this game. 

New Copy AbilitiesEdit


"Watch out, bad guys, because my Ax is a one way ticket to destruction! Bwahahaha!!

I'll show 'em my slashing abilities"

Move Controls Moveset Description Element Damage
Spin Chop B/1 Kirby swings his ax once to attack his foes. It doesn't cause that much damage though. None 15
Cutting Smash B/1 Hold and Release Kirby holds up his ax and then slashes it onto a enemy to cut it and cause a lot of damage on it. None 20/25/32(depends on how much time it has been charged)
Ax Slice B/1 + → Kirby swings his ax several times to spin his enemies and harm them. None 23
Guillotine Smash B/1 + ↓ (in air) Kirby holds his ax down and falls wildly on a foe to cut it and cause massive damage. None 28
Ax Throw B/1 + ↑ Kirby throws his ax up to attack enemies above him. None 16
Ax Spin B/1 (in air) Kirby swings the ax quickly in midair, damaging all enemies that come into contact with it. None 12

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