Kirby's Adventure in Time
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Kirby's Adventure in Time (Kirby & the Amazing Mirror 2) is an Action Platformer to be released on June 15th, 2013. It is the first Kirby game where you can play in either 2-D or 3-D (not the "pop out at you" kind). Some Copy Abilities will only have 3-D usages, while others only have 2-D usages, though most have both usages.


Kirby has entered an eating contest held by a random colored Kirby, until a dark cloud appears. Kirby knows that it's not good news, so he inhaled the rest of the food and ran toward the dark cloud.


The gameplay can be in 2 different ways: a 2-D platformer like Kirby Squeak Squad/Kirby & the Amazing Mirror and an all new Action packed 3-D game. Also, All Copy Abilities, as well as new ones, will be in this game.

The game will take place mostly in the future through a variety of levels, including a Factory, a Jungle, a Raceway and more.


Playable CharactersEdit

Image Character Ability/Weapon Description
KirbyWiiNew Kirby Kirby can inhale and swallow objects and enemies, and copy his opponents' abilities. Kirby can also swallow obstacles such as blocks. Kirby can also float. Kirby is ready for his newest adventure, to defeat Dark Meta Knight and stop him from conquering his home planet. Kirby (as always) is the main character.
Meta Knightnewer Meta Knight Meta Knight can use his sword Galaxia to attack his opponents. He can also make various moves with it, such as launching fire blasts and making tornadoes, and can also teleport. Meta Knight is once again helping Kirby on his adventure. Meta Knight has various abilities, and can teleport from side to side. He's very tricky. Unlike Kirby, Meta Knight can fly.
Kirbydedede2d King Dedede King Dedede uses his giant Hammer to smash enemies. King Dedede is also able to float. He can call in an army of Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos and Gordos. King Dedede is also in the quest helping Kirby again. King Dedede is the strongest character, and uses his giant Hammer as weapon and ability, he also can float. King Dedede, however, is the slowest character.
BandannaWaddleDee Bandanna Waddle Dee Bandanna Waddle Dee uses his spear to knock out enemies cold. It can also be used to fly like a helicopter. Bandanna Waddle Dee is one of King Dedede's Waddle Dees, only this one has a bandanna on it's head! He helps Kirby and the gang to defeat Dark Meta Knight!
Keeby Keeby Keeby can inhale his foes, copy their abilities, and spit them out, just like his relative Kirby. Keeby is physically the same as Kirby, due to them being in the same species. He was created a few years after Nintendo's debate on what color Kirby was going to be. He was introduced in Kirby's Dream Course (1995).

Supporting CharacterEdit

Image Character Description
Kirbot Kirbot Kirbot is a robot version of Kirby that helps players by telling them hints, guiding them through/introducing them to stages and teaching them several abilities and moves.


  • Galbo
  • Parasol Waddle Dee
  • Water Galbo
  • Waddle Dee
  • More


Image Mid-Boss Health Copy Ability Description
Bonkers 3D Bonkers 150 Hammer Bonkers is a hammer-wielding Monkey that wears clothes. He attacks with his hammer, and by throwing exploding coconuts. He has the Hammer Ability.
Bugzzy 3D Bugzzy 160 Suplex Bugzzy is a giant bug with two legs. He attacks by grabbing and throwing the player, charging at him, and also by shooting small ladybugs.
Chef Kawasaki KDL3D Chef Kawasaki 115 Cook Chef Kawasaki, a cook that attacks with everything he has, plates, a frying pan, etc. If the player is caught in the frying pan , Kawasaki will cook him/her.
Dark Kirby KDL3D Dark Kirby 170 Dark Dark Kirby is Kirby's alternate form, created by Dark Meta Knight. Dark Kirby attacks the player with, exactly, all of Kirby's attacks, he can inhale the player, jump and run at him/her, etc. If Kirby swallows Dark Kirby while he is defeated, you will look exactly like him. That is the effect of the Dark Copy Ability: No Hat.
Haboki Haboki 150 Clean Haboki sweeps the ground, creating dust clouds that can harm Kirby, and occasionally leaps, making two dust clouds appear where it lands.
MegaMaceKnightNew Mega Mace Knight 130 Mace Mega Mace Knight attacks with his mace depending on how far Kirby is from him. If the hero is next to him, he will just clobbers his mace at him. If he is a short distance away, he will throw his mace in his direction. If he is far away, he marches across the screen, swinging his mace at the ground.
King Doo KDL3D King Doo 100 Beam As expected from a Waddle Doo, he can use a beam whip attack, which appears essentially identical to a regular Waddle Doo's. King Doo can use the beam whip in the air after a jump and also has the Wave Beam ability, firing a large blast of energy sideways across the field. He also has a non-beam attack, which involves simply charging across the screen. Even though he is a King, he wears no crown.
LilKrackoKDL3D Lil' Kracko 132 Cloud Lil' Kracko attacks mainly just by moving around the screen, trying to collide with Kirby. He also can make more Lil' Krackos, something Kracko cannot do: duplicate himself.
Winged Knight 120 Wing Winged Knight is the second-in-command of the Meta Knights. He is bigger than the regular members.
Spinni Spinni 70 Ninja Spinni is an unreliable but fast mouse. Spinni uses various ninja moves to attack, he can charge at the player, get and throw him/her to damage him/her. He can also throw knifes, and can jump from the walls. This makes him a hard to defeat Mid-Boss, though he has low health.
MetaKnights.psd Dark Meta-Knights 130 Each Clean, Ax, Wing, Mace Four knights with various weapons- Ax Knight, Sailor Waddle Dee, Mace Knight, and Captain Vul. Kirby needs to defeat each one separately to defeat the mid-boss. They each can be inhaled like normal enemies (but it takes longer to inhale them), and they even appear as normal enemies sometimes.
Moundo Moundo 152 Stone Moundo is a big stone creature. Moundo can make some moves to damage the player such as spinning, dash, and mid-air spinning.
MegaAxKnight Mega Ax Knight 130 Ax Mega Ax Knight is just like Ax Knight, only bigger and does more damage. Sometimes he and Mega Mace Knight are seen fighting together.
Mr Frosty KDL3D Mr. Frosty 110 Ice, Freeze A walrus with overalls who throw ice blocks, swallows and freezes Kirby, or just runs around with its mouth open.
Poppy Bros Sr KDL3D Poppy Bros. Sr. 80 Bomb, Crash The jumping larger version of Poppy Bro Jr. He hops all over the stage and throws bombs, which can be shot right back at him. At times, he will do a quick dash.
Queen Dee 75 None Queen Dee has some abilities, unlike normal Waddle Dees. However, those abilities are from Waddle Dees that wield a weapon, such as a parasol, or a spear.
Spencer 126 Gravity Spencer is an evil spaceman. He attacks by throwing space tech at Kirby, as well as charging at him.


Image Boss Abilities Description
WhispyWoods Whispy Woods None Whispy Woods attacks by spitting wind at Kirby and summoning poison apples at him. Whispy can also swallow Kirby and spit him to damage him.
Lololo & Lalala KDL3D Lololo & Lalala None Lololo and Lalala's battle has similarities to past Kirby games. They move blocks at the sides in a maze-like stage.
Kracko Kracko Flare Beam, Super Cloud Kracko moves around the screen trying to hurt Kirby. He can shoot thunderbolts and can make a electric shield around him.
Flamer Flamer Monster Flame This huge enemy walks on the walls lunging at Kirby to hurt him. It spits huge lava balls and can try to stomp on Kirby.
Master Hand and Crazy Hand KDL3D Master Hand & Crazy Hand Mega Fighter Master Hand and Crazy Hand's battle is basically pretty similar to the battles of the Super Smash Bros. series battles of both hands. They make various moves together such as clapping, ounching, launching missiles, etc. trying to hurt Kirby.
Dyna Blade 3D Dyna Blade Ultra Wing Dyna Blade is back from Kirby Super Star Ultra and once more wants to annihilate Kirby! This time she can summon her annoying babies to attack (more likely to annoy) Kirby.
Mr Shine and Mr Bright KDL3D Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright Burning/Monster Flame, Light/Giga Cutter Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright bring out the most in their abilities. The abilities they carry are limited use abilities.
DarkKingDedede Dark King Dedede Grand Hammer, Dark Dark King Dedede is a King Dedede controlled by Dark Meta Knight. He has the same attacks as the regular King Dedede.
Galacta Knight-1- (1) Galacta Knight None Galacta Knight is somewhat another Meta Knight. This guy has some differences to Meta Knight, as well as some similarities.
DarkMetaKnight KDL3D Dark Meta Knight Sword, Wing, Dark Dark Meta Knight is the Evil Doppelgänger of Meta Knight. He first appears as an antagonist in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.

Copy AbilitiesEdit

To see the in-game flavor texts and the Ability movesets, see: Kirby's Adventure in Time/Abilities

 3-D Only Copy AbilitiesEdit

Image Name Helper Stages Description In-Game Icon
Robot Kirby KDL3D Robot Kirbot "Green Greens      3-D"
"Future Factory     3-D"
Allows Kirby to shoot missiles that will go directly to the most nearby enemy. Robot Kirby can also charge electric balls and shoot them. Robot Icon KDL3D
Dark Kirby KDL3D Dark Dark Kirby
Dark King Dedede
Dark Meta Knight
Dark Kirby Boss Battle 3-D
Dark King Dedede Boss Battle 3-D
Dark Meta Knight Boss Battle 3-D
Kirby is able to shoot several Dark Matter at many directions and can spit Dark Matter to attack enemies with them.
LavaKirby Lava Lavah "Boiling Burrow      3-D" Lets Kirby charge and shoot meteorites from his volcano hat. He can spit lavaballs to burn enemies and can walk on lava. Lava Icon KDL3D
Sand Kirby KDL3D Sand Sandy "Dangerous Desert 3-D" Lets Kirby move faster than normal. He can also run on quicksands normally and can  crumble with the wind and remake himself in other distances. Sand Icon KDL3D
Crystal Kirby KDL3D Crystal Charm "Crystal Caverns   3-D" Allows Kirby to shoot crystals at the selected direction. those will bounce everywhere for a short period. Kirby can  twist like a spinning top. Crystal Icon KDL3D
Mace Kirby KDL3D Mace Mace Knight "Meta Mansion      3-D" Lets Kirby turn around and throw a massive flail at foes. Kirby can make a twist with it. Mace Icon KDL3D
Axe Kirby KDL3D Axe Ax Knight Kirby is able to make several moves with his ax. He can throw it, spin with it and even cut things such as little trees. Axe Kirby is able to cut ropes. Axe Icon KDL3D
Clock Kirby KDL3D Clock Watch Head (3 uses only) Lets Kirby stop the time for a short period of time. Everything, including enemies and obstacles will stop moving. While everything stops moving, Kirby still can attack and defeat foes. This ability doesn't work in Boss battles, but it does work with Mid-Bosses. Clock Icon KDL3D
Bulb Kirby KDL3D Bulb Light Bulb (1 use only) This ability is similar to Light Kirby, but it can light up extremely dark areas for a higher time, and for just one time. None
140px Spring Bouncy (Cappy sometimes) Using this ability, Kirby can transform into a spring-like form, enabling him to bounce, harming enemies he bounds into. Kirby can't bounce on lava or water, but he can bounce on walls and obstacles like spikes.


Gravity Spencer Kirby is able to jump like if he's in the moon. He can walk under platforms and make foes go zero-gravity. None
140px Cloud Kracko
Lil' Kracko
Allows Kirby to create cloudy platforms and bounce on them to reach higher areas. He can also ride on clouds and throw lightnings and protect himself. The cloud platforms will disappear after some seconds of being created.
Leaf Leafan "Jalopnik Jungle    3-D" TBA
Spear Lanzer "Dangerous Desert 3-D" TBA
Water Water Galbo "Oregon Ocean 3-D" TBA
Whip "Dangerous Desert 3-D" TBA